Sunday, September 22, 2013

Explorac - Wet & Dry fun trail run

So much pride. Not because of the medal but because I MADE IT to the finish line!
My first trail run and maybe my last.
Last to run with handcarry of brownies and 1liter gatorade and 500ml h2o. lol
Unexpectedly got the medal for the first 50(kunwari lang.pero lahat daw ng girls meron).
Almost give up on the 14thK.
Did it to the finish line even if just walking the trail on the 2nd half.
Done in 3hrs and 5mins?!
Thanks God everyone's safe.
If I am to do this again, naaaa, I don't know...

Wow, for the long time that this event was introduced by Rodney in the group, since this is a registration free run and singlet as well is free, I am encouraged to join. But because of busy schedule, I made to register and a week before the run. Unfortunately, when Kix and I registered, the registration is already closed! Just like what the lady told us at ROX-BGC, we can try to go back at ROX Wednesday the following week because the organizers will be there for the orientation. Just as what the lady told us, I tried to go to ROX with sir Bong since Kix' at work still at 7pm. Lucky enough because the lady registered Kix and I in the run!!! Not in the 11K but 22K?! Geez, I am shocked because this is going to be my first trail run and 22k agad-agad?! Since they believed that I can do that, I just keep in mind that when I think I can't do it anymore, I can walk to the finish line! lol :D

Wednesday night, after work, sir Bong is generous enough to accompany me to jog/run at McKinley even lend his bottles. My first and last run before Saturday, trail run event.

Friday night, I tried to reach Rodney and company in Porac, Pampanga. There, they camped, preparing the event at dawn. At Mrt Shaw, I am amazed how Ryan of Bangag got worried in me. Because "by hook or by crook", I have the will to get there! :D Thankful enough that I have this Bangag family! I honestly don't know him in person and have hard time to just trust anybody. But since he was a Bangag, I then trusted his hospitality, and that Bangag knew I am to meet him soon and will sleep over his house. :D

While on our way to Porac, I am intimidated to run for 11k because of sir Ryan's encouragement, plus he's going to run with his friends to that distance only. But I am doubtful if the committee will allow since I am registered for 22K. Just on time, when the car came to a stop, the countdown for the 22K started. I am torn! When I reached the starting point and all have 'evaporated', I decided to run, realizing afterwards that I still have the goods and drinks with me. Lol! On the trail, I even met BBBS representatives and even sir Manny of AMCI. They're all amazed because of the bag I carried with me. :D Joke time while running, I am as if hiking, with goods. Preparing to cook for my mates. Lol! After 3km, I decided to leave the bag when I saw a guard's post. Then call and text Ryan to inform him where the bag to be fetch.

The run goes smoothly (daw). I love to see the sunrise, always stops for the picturesque view. Truly, God's creation is always amazing. Few kms is the Miyamit falls. It's always cool to rock climb! After the first half, is the landslides area. I too was amazed of the rocks that serves as a wall. It was like handcrafted! Couples ahead and behind me really stop to pose and to say, "wow!" And just a right and wise thought. I did walk on the 2nd half of the run! Just making sure to reach the cut-off time, mindset cut-off time.

Geez, I just met Vem and Rodney after the run! I searched for sir Ryan after the finish line and hoping to see Rodney and company as well. But I only saw Rodney waiting for Vem.

After this very "RUN", sir Ry brought me to their fave restaurant right there at the Korean-Filipino city in Angeles Pampanga. Cool! My first time to eat Korean food (maybe) and I love it! Kimchi is spicy but tolerated. :D

After eating, sir Ry offered me to wash at his place nearby. But I insisted not to because the weather is not good and dark clouds are up. We even cancelled going to Tarak at Bataan. We just hoped Racky, Cecile and company understands. Instead, sir Ry send me to the bus station as I wanna go home already. T'was a great day with great people! Thanks God always! <3