Sunday, June 16, 2013

at McKinley Hills - Fort Bonifacio 060513

My first and last jogging before "Explorac". Geez, Explorac will be on Saturday! First ever trail run in Porac, Pampanga. Lucky enough that sir Bong accompany me to jog. But the deal, geez, we have to jog just at McKinley after his work. No choice and pleasure to jog with him though. His kind enough to lend me his trail water containers and even let me choose which of the two? :D I don't really have any idea what to do during the run, trail run to be specific. All I know is I have to run! lol

After office hours, I have to go home first since I don't have any jogging pants and shoes and towel. Right after I dressed up, I head towards McKinley from Strella-Kalayaan just jogging. It's fun! I always love the thought of jogging from my place to McKinley. When I reached Joey's Pepperoni, I wonder where's McKinley?! One thing, It's my first time also to jog going to that place. And my first time to McKinley! Geez, I don't really have an idea that going there, you have to jog at the dark corner all by yourself. Maybe that's why the people and even the guards I asked for directions wonder if I really have the guts of going through. In fairness, when I see the place, I almost return. But I have in mind that sir Bong will gonna wait for me and will expect me there. And that I just have to prepare myself for whatever will happen! Praying while jogging because I only have my hankie, mobile, and my 'self defense thought'! lol Going there is really cool! Jogging from Kalayaan-McKinley is a big help for me since I don't have any exercise. Minutes after, I noticed the traffic and helped me though because of the car's lights. I thought McKinley is just nearby my place. I just realized the distance when I reached the place and saw the sign itself! :D

It was my first step in the place, and I promise to be back jogging again. It's worth the jog! :D

I have to meet sir Bong at McDonald's. When I use their 'cr', I am like in a sauna! It was cool!!! Lucky enough that they have their tissue machine full of tissue! lol! I am refreshed when I 'evaporate'! Thanks to the tissue papers! :D My first time also in their office though I have to stay in the pantry. :D

Few rounds and were up. head to Piazza for snacks/meal?! :D when nothing interested encourage us to stay, we head to a place just at the overpass? I just don't remember what they called it there. There, sir Bong treat me with frozen taho? 2 each! :D and a heavy meal after, right when Arjay and a company arrived to eat with us.

Right after eating, it was my first time, again, to ride with a habal-habal! I am surprised that there is this thing in the city! Geez, I always thought of this only in the provinces. They even have the name, Fort Bonifacio Riders Club. kuya Richard told me when I asked. And he said, it's been years already! Well, I didn't noticed any whenever I passed by this area.

This day is so full of first time and thoughts!!! Thanks God always <3<3<3

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